The Big Midweek: Life Inside The Fall
by Steve Hanley & Olivia Piekarski

A Guardian Book of the Year
A Rough Trade Book of the Year
Reader’s Digest Editor’s Choice
A Dagsavisen Book of the Year
NME Book of the Year nomination
Penderyn Whisky Music Book of the Year Shortlist

Steve Hanley’s best-selling memoir is an extraordinary story of endurance in one of the most enigmatic, revered and belligerent bands in popular music history.

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‘This is a must for all music fans. It’s also a source of insight into why, despite bust-ups, cigarettes flicked into eyes, and nightmarish recording sessions, anyone would dream of staying in a band years after the fun has stopped.’ – Reader’s Digest (Music Book of the Year)

 ‘Compellingly written, I wished it was three times as long – I would have gobbled it up just as happily.’ – The Observer

 ‘Hilarious, uncomfortable and sobering read.’ – Vive Le Rock

‘Less a rock band, more a perennially touring fiefdom, The Fall have been constructing brittle-but-brilliant music for almost four decades. Thanks to Steve Hanley – the man who played bass in The Fall for nineteen years – and co-writer Olivia Piekarski, we get to peep behind the band’s battered Transit doors. The result is one of the best music books I’ve ever read.’ – Northern Soul (Book of the Year)

‘You don’t have to like The Fall to enjoy this book, you don’t even really need to like MUSIC to enjoy this book! It’s a gripping tale of forged and broken relationships, friendship and betrayal.’ – Marc Riley